Smart Set goals for fitness

Getting a fit and healthy body does not magically but need a steady diet changes, exercise and discipline to achieve this goal. Maintain a healthy target weight, lose a few extra pounds or looking more toned fit body sounds easy but difficult to achieve without setting goals and expectations in advance. Mark serves as a guide and directs you towards the body you want. By knowing about and set SMART goals for skills and learn how to set them as targets health, it will help you to meet the healthier lifestyle that you want.

The SMART goal acronym stands for specific, measurable, achieve, realistic and time bounded. Let’s have a quick review on how to use this idea in achieving health goals.


When setting goals, make sure it is specific in nature. Examples of being special is the state “lose £ 20” rather than to make a general statement like “lose weight”. Being specific allows you to have a clear purpose in accomplishing your dream.


Measuring progress will help you stay on track with your plan. It should be measurable in order to evaluate progress. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, you can calculate the amount of pounds you need to lose a week.


In setting up a goal, it is important for you to figure out how you can achieve this goal. It should be to achieve that push you to succeed. If you are not in business to achieve your dream, obstacles will be very difficult to overcome. Losing 100 lbs or get bodybuilders physique within 30 days is simply not reach (or realistic) goals.


Although the goals may hair, make sure they realistic and not impossible to achieve. They should be ambitious enough to encourage you to continue the practical so it can boost your confidence. You should be willing to do anything to achieve your goal. Cut large goals into smaller ones that are realistic enough for you to do.

T-defined Time

Time is important in establishing the objectives of the deadlines will give you a sense of urgency. In other words, each objective should have a time limit. A statement such as “lose £ 20 for 3 months” is better than “lose weight in a few months.” This will prompt you to realize your dream a certain time.

Your success depends on how you set your goals for fitness and health as well as how motivated you are to achieve them. Do not forget to reward yourself for achieving your goal as this will keep you motivated for the next goal, but to keep it something healthy like new (lower) pair of jeans rather than ice.

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